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        Stimulating Play.  Rest Stop Shop is a store made by men for men and their partners. Our mission is to normalize male sexuality. We strive to make it more comfortable for men to explore natural pleasure that comes from their bodies.

        Educating to Promote Adventure

        We believe that education is empowering and we are more than an adult toy store. The Rest Stop Shop Journal contains beginner's guides, how-to guides and related content written to demystify and normalize male sexuality. By doing this we hope to empower men to explore their sexuality free of anxiety instilled from current culture.

        Detox, Toxic Masculinity

        Ultimately, we want to disprove the belief that eroticism should not be associated with men or that exploring it is reflective of your gender preferences. A lack of acceptance for natural male sexuality leads to risky, disrespectful and sometimes violent behavior from men. This negative behavior is fueled by shame and ignorance. Opening up taboo subjects surrounding our natural eroticism is a vertical process, creating a more tolerant and loving world.

        Pay it Forward

        A cornerstone of shopping at Rest Stop Shop is our commitment to supporting male psychological health. For every sale we will donate 5% of the profit to men's wellness programs. For more information please contact hello@rest-stop-shop.com and we can share more information on who we are donating to.

        Quality Over Quantity

        Many stores online offer a plethora of products. This can be overwhelming and confusing. Rest Stop Shop specially curates a finite and quality catalogue to match its mission and make the decision process easier. Our customers will rest assured they are getting the best product knowing we curate and approve everything on our site. All products are shipped from within the United States from our warehouse in Colorado. This allows for a timely delivery and quality products.

        Discrete Shipping at Rest Stop Shop


        Rest Stop Shop also recognizes that embracing your sexuality is a very personal thing. That's why we believe in discretion. All our shipping is labeled for privacy and discretion from our warehouses in Colorado and South Carolina. You'll receive a nondescript package and no mention of its contents will be visible on the outside. Additionally, we keep your information private and won't share it with others. Our newsletters will only be mailed to you if you approve it and you can choose to opt out at any time. If you are experiencing trouble opting out of our emails please email us at hello@rest-stop-shop.com and we can assist in removing you from the distribution list.

        Free Shipping Always

        It's not just for a promotion. We provide this as a thank you to all our small business supporters. All items ALWAYS SHIP FOR FREE in the United States.

        Sadly we do not ship outside of the United States yet, but plan to in the near future.

        Return Policy

        Manufacturer defected items are replaced, with supporting evidence.

        If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us at hello@rest-stop-shop.com. Sales are final for most items. We do not resell used toys. Subject to limitations & discretion.